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Win 76 events to unlock 48 cars. Local multiplayer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Time Trial mode with Ghost Car option Global online leagues and leaderboards via cloudcell.com Cockpit or external camera view Watch instant replays and auto-upload to Proxima Nova Soft Font Touch or tilt to steer with highly realistic and intuitive controls Customize your ride with your own images or choose from a range of car skins Play songs from your personal music library while racingRACE IT YOUR WAYReal Racing HD now has 6 game modes. Get behind the wheel for a Quick Race or work your way up from rookie to world champion in the massive Career Mode. Slice off another split second in Time Trial, join an Online League or challenge friends and rivals in Local or all-new Online Multiplayer via Game Center*. However you want to play, Firemint Real Racing is the most realistic and fun Proxima Nova Soft Font racer yet!REALISTIC RACING EXPERIENCEReal Racing HD is optimized for Proxima Nova Soft Font with beautiful track environments and carefully detailed cars, as well as exceptionally smooth graphical performance and console-quality 3D sound effects. Tear through forests, seaside circuits and burning deserts, with the roar of the engine and the sound of an adoring crowd in your ears! Surface variations including asphalt, grass, gravel and chicanes affect vehicle speed, responsiveness and handling. Its the most exhilarating and realistic racing experience on iPad!NEW ONLINE MULTIPLAYERLog in to Game Center to compete in real-time against friends and rivals from around the world in all-new 4-person online multiplayer* races! Invite friends to race, or be matched against other players automatically. Challenge friends to a 6-person game on your local Wi-Fi network, or go head-to head over Bluetooth. Find out who the REAL champion isCUSTOMIZE YOUR CAR Select a control scheme and adjust brake assist and auto-accelerate to suit your style. Choose an existing skin for your car or wrap your car in a picture from your Photo Album!*Game Center requires iOS4.2 and an internet connection. Online features require an internet connection.Buckle in and get set for the most exhilarating racing experience on Proxima Nova Soft Font - treat yourself and buy Real Racing HD now, or surprise a friend and Gift This App. With Real Racing HD, the race is in your hands! For the latest inside info from Firemint, join us on our site, Proxima Nova Soft Font or Twitter! Please report bugs on our support site so we can assist you - visit www.firemint.com for links and details. HeyTell is a cross-platform voice messenger that allows you to instantly talk with friends and family. No account neededjust start the app, choose a contact, and push the button to start talking! Send and receive voice messages with other HeyTell users with the press of a single button Voice messages are quicker than SMSand free! Very low data usage, no more than sending an email PUSH NOTIFICATIONS alert you whenever a voice message is received and the app is closed TIP: If you did not enable Pushes on initial install, open the Proxima Nova Soft Font Settings app, select Notifications, ensure it's set to On, select HeyTell, and ensure that Badges and Alerts are both set to On. Works on 3G, 4G, EDGE, 1X or WiFi (i.e., any Internet connection) Superior audio quality: At 16 kHz, HeyTell delivers twice the frequency range of a cell phone call Favorites: Favorite and export messages you like to email or Facebook! Export messages you record to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more! Extras: Use the in-app purchase function to set alert tones, send messages to groups, change your voice, automatically expire and batch-delete messages, and add emojis to your name! Quickly friend, unfriend, or block contacts. Adding contacts as friends ensures that you can always quickly find them by tapping the To: field and tapping "Friends." Choose from three different privacy levels to co

You can easily follow new users through the InstaFlow interface as well. Really, the only thing we found the original Proxima Nova Soft Font app necessary for is sharing and applying filters to new photos we took. Overall, InstaFlow is an incredible value and easily one of the best Proxima Nova Soft Font clients currently available for iOS, a must download for any Proxima Nova Soft Font addict. What's new in this version: This minor update fixes the crash issue some players were having, as well as some other slight bugs. Happy slicing!The pomegranate blasts its way into Classic and Arcade mode in this juicy new update! Slice it as many times as possible before it bursts apart, clearing away bombs and destroying all the other fruit around it! The pomegranate breathes new life into classic mode, allowing you to get even higher scores. In Arcade mode it is a great last chance to grab those critical extra points and What's new in this version: - Entirely new user experience, including new group calling interface, and separate sections for messages, friends, and friend management- Filters, filters, filters! Improved video calling design, including filters available during the video call- Take snapshots of your chats! Ability to take photos during the video call and save them to your camera roll- One of our most requested features - Picture Messaging and Video Messaging!- Group Video & Voice Calling- Me screen: profile featuring video, What's new in this version: Even more powerful features to help you beat traffic on your daily commute and anywhere, anytime!User Reported Traffic: Were pairing Scouts own traffic data of more than 100 million traffic sources with incidents that YOU report. Users can report traffic congestion, police, road hazards, and accidents to help their fellow Scout drivers avoid getting stuck in gridlock or getting pulled over. Traffic Alerts: Now get alerts about upcoming traffic while navigating with one tap to avoid jams!Traffic What's new in this version: - Animation Feature Added, Create Multi-page Animated book, Ability to use shapes, Text, Audio while creating Animation. Preview your animation and publish to SVG Notes repository. Pause Animation while Recording, Delete Animations & Re-create with ease. Record Indicator while animation recording is in progress. Play animation using centrally place Play button.- Copy & Paste Feature to allow copy of drawing objects and paste to various location. Add frequently used drawing objects to local SVG What's new in this version: - New: GraphsThe logbook now has graphs of this and previous weeks.- New: Weekly limitDrinktrack now allows you to specify a target weekly limit. The graphs show the limit so you can see how close you are.- New: Icon badgeDrinktrack now shows your consumption this week by badging the application's icon.- FixesFixes a bug where drinks from the first day of the week didn't show up. Adds a new size for lager. Various UI tweaks.N.B.: both the weekly limit and icon badge are optional features which What's new in this version: New-Added art for Car Upgrades


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